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From Yesterday To Today Fer Bal

From grandfather to grandchild, master of beekeeping art and founder of FER BAL Selçuk SOLMAZ; Beekeeping is as old as human history, if honey is not consumed, human beings will not die, but if they die, it will be the end of mankind. Time is passing through fast in the 36 years that we have completed in the sector.

Production of Bee, Production of Mother Bee, Breeding, Bee Milk, Pollen, Propolis, Knife Production Cooperation with German Experts We will fulfill our dreams with our diversity of products With FER BAL, today we have the widest product range of honey.


FER BAL had a dream and a goal

Our goal is to satisfy everybody from the manager to the manufacturer, from the producer to the consumer, and to be a virtuous institution. We know that it is very difficult. We will continue to do better in each of these.

As FER BAL, our hygienic and modern facilities are produced according to HACCP Food Safety and standards which are the first ISO 22000 certificate in the sector within the framework of related legislation and all products are analyzed periodically in world class laboratories and supplied to the market.

As FER BAL and MELİS BEE FARM, we give great importance to a wide range of products and researches in the field of apitherapy applications besides honey variety. Apitherapy applications in many countries of the world and our country is also very demanding orders and demand. In the meantime, we have our place in Turkey's most exclusive hypermarkets and markets.

As Fer Bal, it has become a symbol of the sector with the quality of Food Reliability at every stage from production to table according to product safety principles. 36 years of experience in knowledge and cooperating with scientists is giving us this righteous dignity.

We produce the product variety in their own calories and at high plateau and grasslands together with our contracted beekeepers. Organic pollen, Lavender, Chestnut, Thyme, Citrus, Astragalus, Pürem, Çam plateau Flower Honey, Karakovan honeycomb which is our traditional production, Section honeycomb , Honeycomb varieties from our special productions of bee milk, pollen, propolis productions of serious research and development Separate Features from Other Products.


Beekeeping in our country takes its place in the world in terms of colony 2 and 3 ranks. It is promising in terms of beekeeping and sector development that the forests are rich in flora variety, the nature is clean, the pollution of the mountains is not so polluted in our country. In this direction, Turkish honey is demanding in world cuisines.



Fer propolis has been seen in scientific studies and researches about propolis. Propolis is known as an invention by scientists.

As Melis Arı Çiftliği and Fer Bal, we are preparing a special blend of special bee products by aspiring a difficult relative. Our special blends are highly demanded from business people, athletes, artists and users from many countries of the world.

This planned, disciplined work motivated us to work with the awards given to us.


Reliable Food Award in 2011-2012, TÜSİAV Superior Service Achievement Award in 2013-2014, and Fer Bal, the only honey company that received the Superior Achievement and Service Award from the Executive Committee of the Non-Governmental Organizations of 2014.

As Melis Arı Çiftliği and Fer Bal we serve our customers in our boutique shops in PANORA AVM and Bulten Street where honey varieties are located in order to prepare individual informations special blends.